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Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ What is “Ready… Fence!”? /

In this video Lorenzo Ravazzani, Fencing Master and co-author of the game, introduces us “READY… FENCE!” – the first board game about sports fencing, about what it is and how it works. Watch the video and you will find out!!

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 01 – Unboxing /

Do you want to play but don’t have time to read the rules? Then you’re in the right place! Here you can find a series of basic Video Tutorials that will quickly and easily explain all the fundamental aspects of the game. In this video Fencing Master Mario Magni shows us the contents of the box and the various pieces that make up the game.

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 02 – Prepare the pieces /

In this video Fencing Master Mario Magni will explain how to arrange the pieces on the board, their use and how to prepare for the first game.

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 03 – Prepare the deck of cards /

In this video Fencing Master Mario Magni describes how to compose the deck in the 3 different game modes: Tutorial, Basic and Advanced.

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 04 – The Game actions /

The fourth Tutorial describes the “game actions” available for each player’s game turn. Mario Magni, Creator of the game, explains to us in depth how to “move the fencer” on the platform, how to “dissolve distance” or “change attitude”, or what “stall” means, etc…

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 05 – The fencing phrase /

The fifth Tutorial focuses on the “fencing phrase” or the heart of the game, that phase in which the two players, using the cards, create the fencing actions with the weapon. A fundamental video to understand the absolutely innovative mechanics that make this game very realistic and capable of reliving the emotions of the platform while sitting at a table!

Ready…Fence! EPEE 

/ “Ready… Fence!” – Tutorial 05 – Let’s play a game! /

After all the introductory TUTORIALS and insights into the various aspects of the game, in this video we will witness a real match between the creator MARIO MAGNI (red) and his friend DAVIDE VINCENZI (green). In just over ten minutes , we will be able to understand many of the details and game possibilities. The ideal video to understand the potential of “Ready… Fence!”.



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