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What are the Print & Play board games?

The Print & Play board games are the versions of amateur or professional games, provided in PDF format printable from home with common office printers or sending them to specialized printing stores.

How to assemble our games?

The quality of the printed game depends solely on the user and his level of personal perfectionism. Excellent results can also be obtained by working with commercially available material, without the need to rely on external printing centers.

The Press

Opening the files, we find several pages that will be printed in different ways according to the type of components that we find – Cards, Tokens and Board.

Cards – We recommend to print on plain papers, simply by a laser or an inkjet printer, and use papers possibly of minimum weight of 100gsm or more. Print the front and back designs separately on different sheets, cut them out and place them together in the commercial sleeves of the appropriate size. Second option is to print on 400gsm papers, which allows you to print the front and back designs on the same sheet. (This option is advisable to have it made in specialized external press centers or by reliable office printers).

< Printing the cards >

< Cut out the front-and-back cards >

Tokens – Our advice is to print on adhesive papers. In this way easy and fast you can make small or large tokens in a short time.

Board – Even the adhesive paper is preferable to be used to print the board, but you need to be careful when applying it. Otherwise you use normal paper and then plasticizes the whole.

Make Components


Buy Card Protection Sleeves size 63,5×88 or 64×89 mm with both sides transparent (if the game has a back design for the cards) or with colored back.

  1. To choose the kind of paper for printing, take a card from other type of games (e.g. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or others) for reference and use it as a thickness base.
  2. Print and cut out the front-and-back cards paper.
  3. In the card sleeve, place the front-and-back cards cut out.

The Cards are ready. In case of front-and-back printed paper with 400gsm weight, we still recommend to insert them in the card sleeves. This is to facilitate the mixing and reshuffling of the cards deck.

< Card Protection Sleeves >

< Protect your cards >


Get the material ready on which you will want to stick the tokens. In the market, there are several options, like pressed cardboard, Forex 3mm, Foamboard, Plastic EVA, etc…

  1. Cut the tokens sheet into strips.
  2. Apply the strip on the chosen material.
  3. Cut thoroughly with cutter or scissors.


Get a sheet of cardboard of various thickness.

  1. Cut out the outline of the board.
  2. Apply the adhesive sheet or alternatively a plain sheet with glue or stick on the cardboard previously cut in the required size.
  3. Plasticize the board or apply glossy or matt fixative spray.
You’re ready to play!

< Adhesive Paper & Cardboard >

< Stick Tokens & Board >

< Ready to play >

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