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Ready…Fence! EPEE (Italian)


“READY… FENCE!” Epee (Italian) Print & Play Board Game

  • Fencing Weapon : Epee
  • Currency : USD, TWD
  • Language : Italian
  • Format : Downloadable PDF file (graphics)
  • One RULEBOOK PDF file (12 pages)
  • One CARDS & Game Components PDF file (12 pages)
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“Ready… Fence!” EPEE Italian is also known as “Pronti… A Voi!” published in 2019, and the most early published of our fencing board game series.

“Ready…Fence!” is a two-player game that takes about 30 minutes to play. Players take up the roles of professional fencers engaged in a fencing match (known as a “bout” ) on the fencing strip. This booklet details the specific rules of the game and explains the rules and techniques of epèe fencing, as taught by Italian fencing masters. A Technical Manual detailing the fencing techniques found in the board game is included with the game materials.

The game can be played at 3 different levels:

Tutorial Mode – The introductory level allows players to become familiar with the game, introducing the cards, board, pieces, and fundamentals of how the game is played. In this mode only cards displaying the “T” symbol are used.

Basic Game Mode – This level is designed for previous players and novice fencers, and captures the essential aspects of fencing, allowing players to create basic strategies. In this mode only cards displaying the “B” symbol are used.

Advanced Game Mode – Suitable for expert players and/or experienced fencers, this level simulates epée fencing at its finest. All cards are used in this mode.

1 Game Board , 2 Fencers, 2 Stamina Indicators, 2 Weapon Position Circles, 1 Round Marker, 1 Iniziative Coin, 56 cards and 16 Score Cards, 1 Rulebook.

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