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Ready…Fence! SABRE (Italian)


“READY… FENCE!” SABRE (Italian) Print & Play Board Game

  • Fencing Weapon : Sabre
  • Currency : USD, TWD
  • Language : Italian
  • Format : Downloadable PDF file (graphics)
  • One RULEBOOK PDF file (9 pages)
  • One CARDS & Game Components PDF file (12 pages)
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“SABRE” is a new version of the fencing board game “READY… FENCE!”. It is a game for two people that lasts about 30 minutes. The Regulation will explain the rules relating to sabre assault. In addition, it will introduce the techniques and the correct terminology of sabre fencing as used by the Masters to teach and communicate with their athletes.

There is only one game mode for this sabre game. “Sabre” is also a turn-based card game. The aim is to touch your opponent by using fencing techniques (cards), and to reach the established score of 5 or 15 points in one or two rounds. Each player receives a hand of 6 cards drawn from a prepared deck. During each turn, the players must play a card from the hand, then try to score a point with their own tactics.

There are two fencing phases introudced in this “SABRE” board game. One is the FIRST PHASE (Center Piste); the other is the SECOND PHASE (Priority Action). The players follow the rule and the sequence of two fencing phases and compete with their sabre skills.

1 Game Board , 1 Fencers Token, 2 Stamina Indicators, 1 Round Marker, 1 Priority Coin, 56 sabre cards and 16 Score Cards, 1 Rulebook.

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